A Return to Fantasy, and Free Books

Now that 22 Scars is alive and well, making its way through the readerverse and garnering reviews (however slowly), I thought it might be about time to start refocusing some attention on my alter-ego, Satis, and my ongoing fantasy work, The Redemption of Erâth. If you aren't aware, before I started working intently on 22 Scars (though after the idea … Continue reading A Return to Fantasy, and Free Books

Memories and Dreams

Originally posted on The Bipolar Writer on March 23, 2018.


The Bipolar Writer

I dream a lot. In fact, I dream almost every time I sleep.

I also sleep a lot.

Sleeping used to be the way for me to escape the awfulness of being alive, back during the darkest days of my depression. As my illness mutated and changed and I found medications to keep me balanced, the sleep followed me. I sleep at night, without difficulty. I sleep when I’m not at work. I sleep during the day, often for hours at a time. I take naps, snooze, drift off … you get the picture.

And when I sleep, the dreams come. They aren’t bad dreams; nor are they particularly good. In fact, most of my dreams involve mundane, everyday things, like brushing my teeth or driving to work. I can even remember some of them, long after the initial grogginess of waking has left me.

I am also—sometimes—aware that I’m…

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