The Broken Are On Bandcamp!

tl;dr – visit to listen to The Broken’s first album!

As some of you know, when I started writing The Broken, I also started writing their music – specifically, the albums they released between 1993 and 1997 as they rose to fame, fortune, and eventually, infamy. Starting with just a few samples of what they might sound like, I eventually ended up completing three full-length LPs, covering their complete discography before they broke up in 1998.

The albums are, in order, The Broken (1993), For the Greater Evil (1995), and We Don’t Even Exist (1997). Whilst all three have a full track listing living somewhere on my hard drive, I’ve been teaching myself a lot about music production and creation throughout the process, and it’s taken a long time for me to be satisfied with the end result for any of them.

However, it was always my intention to release The Broken’s music to the public when I was able to, as a kind of accompaniment to the novel itself, and now that it’s coming up on almost a year since The Broken was released, I’ve decided that it’s time to give you all a taste of what I (The Broken) have been coming up with.

I’ve been home recovering from COVID the past couple of weeks (I feel fine, but had to stay out of work for a while), and I’ve taken that time to dive back into The Broken’s eponymous first studio album and see if I can really produce something to be proud of.

I should clarify that, although I am a classically-trained pianist and composer, I can’t play guitar, can barely play bass, and am most certainly not a singer, so all of the instruments you’ll hear are essentially programmed samples intended to replicate the sound of guitars, drums, etc. You will hear me singing, and I apologize in advance because there isn’t a way to synthesize the human voice (yet), so bear with me as I aim to improve the vocals with voice lessons over the coming months.

In any case, I’m pleased enough with The Broken’s first album that I’ve decided to finally post it somewhere to actually be listened to, and that’s why you’ll find the entirety of The Broken over on Bandcamp! Follow the link below to be among the first to hear the nu-metal stylings of The Broken – the 90s’ best fictional band from Paterson, NJ!

Be warned – a Parental Advisory is included.

Tell me what you think!

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