Update on 22 Scars

So … it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here, for which I apologize, but things have been moving forward for 22 Scars, and in a positive direction!

Since I last posted, 22 Scars has gone live on Amazon (in print and digitally), as well as on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords and more. I tried to set up a book signing for November 26, but sadly the books didn’t arrive in time so that was a bust. However, I do have copies now, so I may be (successfully) setting something like that up in the very near future again.

Meanwhile, thanks to Larry over at Voracious Readers Only, I’ve sent out over 60 copies of 22 Scars to new readers, and the response in only a few days has been generally positive: two five-star ratings on Goodreads (and one two-star review, but it wasn’t posted), with text reviews as well. Waiting to see if anyone reviews it on Amazon or iBooks, but this is a long-term game.

Additionally, I’ve sent the final manuscript to my editor for advice and suggestions on making the book—and especially the opening few chapters—as strong as possible, so that I can continue to work on securing an agent. So far I’ve had around thirty rejections, but most recently they’ve been a little more personalized, which I take to mean that my query letters are getting better. The good news about having the book self-published is I can make changes to it any time I like, updating the print or digital files as a second edition.

I’ll post the reviews on here later today, but for now I just wanted to provide a brief update, and let you all know that things seem to be moving forward in a positive direction!

Tell me what you think!

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