Now That It’s Published …

Since 22 Scars was released at the end of October, I’ve managed to get a fair amount of response to it, despite minimal marketing and dissemination. Not only have I had fourteen ratings and eleven reviews on Goodreads, I’ve sold over 40 copies at full price, had a positive Kirkus Indie review, and given away over two hundred copies to avid readers.

My average rating on Goodreads so far is a solid 4/5, which I’m pleased with; I knew going into it that 22 Scars was not going to be a book for everyone. It can be dark, depressing, intense and triggering, but that was the whole point: it isn’t a comfort read. I’ve had some feedback that the disjointed storytelling was a little off-putting, and the good news is that this is something I feel I’ve rectified in later edits of the manuscript. I’ve some feedback that it “wasn’t for them”. Again, I’m not worried.

I’ve also had feedback that they simply loved it. Which was nice.

However, I’ve come to realize that having now self-published the book, I may find more difficulty in seeking representation from an agent, as they’ll probably wonder why I’m not finding success myself. Which is a fair point. So … I need to find that success. And while giveaways and ratings are nice, what really matter are sales.

My goal is to sell 1,000 copies of 22 Scars. I have no timeline, no end date in sight, but to simply achieve this goal. To help toward this end, I’m trying to get myself started as an author on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the idea being to represent myself as much as possible in as many social media outlets as I feel comfortable with. I’m honestly not all that familiar with how some of these things work, but I have confidence I’ll get there.

Because in the end, I just want people to read my story. I want them to know what Amy suffered, and to go on that hopeless journey with her. I want them to experience the darkness of 22 Scars.

22 Scars can be bought for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and in print.

Tell me what you think!

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