It Came to Me in a Dream …

Well, not quite. But it sort of felt that way.

22 Scars is available on Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble, both digitally and in print. Order your copy today!

You see, having finally finished (to my satisfaction) 22 Scars, the question came to mind—what do I do next? Whilst I still have a lot of work ahead of me in terms of marketing, selling and publicizing 22 Scars, it feels like the time that was taken in writing and rewriting and editing is now just a touch … freer than before. And I want to fill that time.

But what should I do next? Do I move on, and write another novel? Do I sit back and let time tell whether I should even bother? What would you do after releasing your first book?

So as I was driving to work one day (because of course, I still have to pay the bills somehow), it occurred to me that 22 Scars was a deeply personal story. In so many ways, it was my story. So what could possibly follow that up? How could I possibly write something that would stand up to what, to me, was essentially pouring my heart out onto the page?

And the thought crossed my mind that, whilst 22 Scars is, yes, my story—it isn’t all of my story. There’s still much more that I’ve lived through, that I’ve experienced, that I’ve never put to paper. And if depression was—and in some ways still is—my core identity, what about my passions? What could I write about that I know innately, deeply and lovingly?

The answer that came immediately to mind was music. For those of you who’ve read by bio, I was trained as a classical composer. I’ve played piano since I was seven, and been composing since not long after that. If there’s anything I know as well as depression, it’s music. And my personal take on music—a blend of classical, metal, eighties pop and more—is something I feel I can speak to with authority.

Thus came to me the idea for my second novel. It’s in the very early drafting/planning stages at the moment, but it’s going to be a story about a music student who gradually falls in love with his music teacher. I don’t really want to say much more than that at the moment—I haven’t decided on the final outcome, the overall tone or the age range yet—but it’s something that will infuse my passion with my experience, and I hope it’s something that you will all enjoy as much as 22 Scars.

I can say safely though that there won’t be any graphic self-harm scenes.

That I’m aware of.


So wish me luck, and I’ll be posting further updates as time goes on about the progress of what I’m tentatively calling Verse & Chorus.

22 Scars is available on Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble, both digitally and in print. Order your copy today!

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