Working On Not Working

I have not worked on “The Broken” in some time. In fact, I haven’t really done any work as C.M. North in months. I haven’t posted here, I haven’t written new scenes, and I haven’t worked on promoting “22 Scars”.

The truth is that I’ve been in a bad place, mentally, with little to no motivation to accomplish anything at all. At first it was a question of staying medicated, but even now that I’ve been back on the meds for a month or so, I still just don’t want to do anything. Sleep and zone out is all I do, pretty much.

It’s unfortunate, because this bad mental place is exactly what I’m trying to portray in my books, but when I’m there, I can’t write.

So have I accomplished anything?

Well, apart from dozing the days away, I discovered the other day that the domain was, surprisingly, available. So I did the only sensible thing: I bought the domain, and have spent the past week setting up an official website for myself there.

Wait, you might cry – wouldn’t be more appropriate for an official author website? Well, while it certainly would make sense, it’s already established as my personal blog, and I like the branding simplicity of a website that is, simply, my first book.

I’m still playing with the layout and formatting, as well as exactly what content will appear there (should I have a web store, for example?), but it’s something I enjoy doing, and whilst not exactly productive in the sense of getting a second book written, it at least makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

And sometimes, that’s all we really need.

Tell me what you think!

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