A Status Update, and Some Music

So … I haven’t written for The Broken in months. In fact, I haven’t written much of anything for anything at all in months. I’m sorry. I can’t even say that I have an excuse, because I’ve been home for months (working from home, but still). Towards the beginning of quarantine I had the intention of diving back in and getting some serious progress made, but it kind of never really happened.

I did get some stuff done, though – primarily, in the first half of the year I managed to complete work on a second album from The Broken – entitled For the Greater Evil. Eleven more songs to follow up their self-titled debut, and I have to say that writing music is a lot of fun, cathartic, and helps me feel somewhat less unproductive.

This time, the production (I believe) is better, having learned a lot from creating the first album. I still can’t play guitar for shit, but I saved up to buy a decent Les Paul sample pack, and the sounds are significantly better than they were before. I also worked on the distortion effects, and my singing is every so slightly less intolerable. Overall I think it’s a solid album, though perhaps not as immediately catchy as the first, and the closer is one of the heaviest songs I’ve ever written!

Lyrically I tried to be a little more varied this time, as well; instead of pretty much just singing about how much the lead singer hates his dad, I tried to pull in some wider ranging topics such as drug abuse, police brutality and gun violence. I don’t know if I did so successfully, but I was pleased with the wider variety of topics on this album.

Musically, I was a little more challenged to make the songs stand out from each other. On the first album, I think I managed to make each song really identifiable and unique, and some of the songs here sound a little too similar for my liking. There is one song in the middle that’s closer to club rap than metal, which was fun to write, but some of the others came out just a little same-sounding.

Below are a couple of the songs I felt came out the best: I’d love your feedback!

Bring It Down, by The Broken
Black Heart, by The Broken
Genesis of Hate, by The Broken

Tell me what you think!

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