A Follow Up to My Commitment

I did well to begin with; really, I did.

Around three weeks ago, I committed to writing around 200-250 words a day on The Broken, in order to get the book itself completed by the end of the year. That same week, I wrote about 1,700 words, or exactly one week’s worth of writing. I meant to post about it, but never got around to it.

I haven’t written again since.

What the hell is wrong with me?

The exact word count for The Broken now stands at 19,679, or a hair under ⅓ of the projected length of the book. From a chapter perspective, eight chapters are drafted and complete, one chapter is almost done, and a remaining twenty-five are yet to be written. (I realize this math doesn’t quite add up, but some chapters will likely be shorter than others.)

It’s now August; if I want to able to reach out to my editor by December, I have 16 weeks to write 40,000 words. That’s now putting me at 2,500 words a week, or around 350 words a day.

Come on – I can do this!

I really have no excuse for why I’ve been so lax the past few weeks, despite committing to writing; we lost power for a few days after the big storm here on the east coast, but I had my iPad with full charge, so really that’s no excuse at all.

I’m going in to work today, and I must – must – write on my lunch break! I need your help; make me write! Tell me to write! Don’t let off until this damn book is finished!

If I want to sleep – write.

If I want to talk – write.

If I want to write – write more!

This will happen.

Tell me what you think!

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