Who is C.M. North …

I should probably start off with a little bit about myself. After all, I’ll be looking to get to know you all a little better over the following weeks and months! My full bio is available on the Bio page, but to summarize, I’m a thirty-something male writer with a finished novel under his belt, in the process of editing, refining and submitting it to literary agents. I hope this blog will become a running commentary on the sometimes rewarding, sometimes depressing, always fascinating business of publishing a novel for the very first time.

My writing credentials are few, but well-reviewed: I have self-published two fantasy novels (part of an ongoing series called The Redemption of Erâth) under the pseudonym ‘Satis’, and while it turns out self-publishing isn’t the great money-maker you might have thought it was, it has helped me to practice the craft of writing, to learn the ins and outs of creating a written work of art, and to discover what it takes to actually complete a 300-page novel.

This blog isn’t about that, though. This is about me, the author C.M. North, writing not in the fantasy genre, or any other genre for that matter, but simply about what is vitally important to me. And that is speaking about depression.

For almost two decades I’ve been ravaged by the dreadful throes of crippling depression, and I know deeper than anyone I know the terrible consequences this disease has on not just the afflicted, but all who love them. That is what I know; that is what I write about.

This isn’t to say this blog will be all doom and gloom; while there’s plenty of that in my novel, I’m creating this as a place to voice my thoughts and experiences on the journey toward publication. I may stray, and I’m a sucker for a good tangent, but first and foremost will anything and everything about getting the damn book published.

Stay tuned, and I’ll be posting more about what my book is, what it’s about, and where we go from here!


C.M. North

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