Getting the Word Out There (i.e. Buy My Book!)

I met with a fellow author today in a little general store/coffee shop near my home in New Jersey, and it was a wonderful experience.

51vatnoRKRLHis name is Charles Levin, and he’s the author of Not So Dead, a techno-thriller about trying to achieve immortality through digital technology. He’s definitely a few steps ahead of me in the publishing race, and he had some positive advice and encouragement to offer when it comes to getting 22 Scars off the ground.

22 Scars Digital CoverFor those of you who haven’t heard, my young adult novel about teenage depression and mental illness, 22 Scars, is now available on Amazon, iBooks and more, and I’m looking forward to readers’ thoughts and opinions. However, despite choosing to self-publish this book at this particular point in time, I am still looking for representation with an agent who could eventually match me with a publisher, who could eventually help spread the book to the wider world.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that the thought of pitching myself and my book to anyone, much less an agent who could make or break my career, terrifies me. I am not a particularly outgoing person, and talking about myself is a nightmare come true.

But at the end of the day, whilst writing a book is an art, publishing a book is a business, and businesses live on the success of their pitches. I’ll try to post my pitch on here at some point, but for now I’m looking for feedback in the form of reviews, emails, tweets … anything, really, that could help me either sell my book, or improve it.

To that end, I want to make sure everyone continues to be aware that I will gladly offer a free copy of 22 Scars to anyone willing to review it (positive or negative, I don’t mind); and don’t forget you can buy it for your own enjoyment for just $3.99. Just email, and I’ll hook you up!

Tell me what you think!

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