Song: It’s Your Fault

This is the second song I wrote for my upcoming novel, The Broken. Written by Malcolm James, it’s about the domestic abuse he suffered growing up.


Every inch you come closer to me
I take a step back and
Draw my line in the sand but
You push and I cut
Your face from my memories

Every day when you raise your fist
Put your lips to the glass that
Splits my feelings in half so
I’m left broken and low
I’m tired of hearing your shit

When did you say I would see
When did you say it was me
You fucked up my life
Out of hate and of spite
And you did it so you could be free

And now I see
It isn’t me
It’s all your fault – you left me
To fend and to die
Didn’t care what was right
And now I’m just living a lie

It’s Your Fault—The Broken

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