Yet Further Updates on The Broken

Welp – sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Back in early February I wrote about the purpose of editing, and how I was imminently about to send the manuscript for The Broken to my editor for review. Then I kind of got caught up in music writing and work and life, and haven’t really given much thought to any of it for almost two months.

The good news is I heard back from my editor, and she’s planning on getting the edits and final thoughts to me today! She’s (in typical fashion) keeping quiet overall until she can get the final results back to me, but in her most recent email she said (and I quote):

I love it when books make me cry, and yours definitely made me cry, both sad tears and happy tears.

Parisa, the Editor

So … yeah!

For those of you who might have been following the creation and publication of The Broken, I did have to push back the publication date to late April because of these delays, but hopefully it’s for the betterment of the story overall; every time Parisa’s gone over my work, she’s made it infinitely better! Once I get the edited manuscript back I’ll have a fair amount of work ahead of me (most likely) integrating her edits and suggestions into a final version, and then I need to create the paperback layout and finalize the digital versions so that they both look good and function well.

So it seems I’m shortly about to dive back into the world of The Broken, which I’m excited for; and once I get the manuscript back and get a feel for how long the edits are going to take me, I can start offering ARCs to anyone who’s willing to read and review!

For that matter, if you enjoyed my previous book 22 Scars, or would simply like to read about a group of hurting individuals in a rock band, let me know – I’d love to provide anyone interested with a pre-release copy of The Broken for you reading pleasure!

Here’s to more regular updates, content, and a new book out by the end of next month!

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