The Broken Launch Updates

Exciting news, everyone – The Broken is ready to launch! After years of writing, and months of editing, preparing and formatting (formatting for Kindle is a nightmare!), my sophomore novel about the rise and fall of an infamous 90s rock band is ready for publication, and has a launch date: mark your calendars!

Friday, April 23, 2021

That’s right – The Broken drops this Friday, and is already available for pre-order over at Amazon! Submissions to other distributors is underway, and it should be available from all major digital outlets come Friday morning.

Even more exciting, though, is that if you’re interested in a print copy of The Broken, you can already purchase it from Amazon – that’s right, it’s available right now! (I actually meant all versions to go live on Friday, but Amazon’s print distribution seems to just make it available the moment you upload your final copy.)

In case you’ve missed development on this novel over the past few years, here is the blurb for The Broken:

In November of 1997, two young men make a suicide pact. That night, one of them dies. On the stereo – the song “Where I Go” by infamous rock band, The Broken.

From the streets of Paterson, NJ, to the heights of fame, The Broken follows the members of this band – Malcolm, Heather, Hayley, Eddie and Johnnie – as they struggle to overcome their backgrounds, their identities – and ultimately the cost of fame. From the origins of the band in the early 90s to present day, The Broken asks the question: can you ever truly be free from your past – and from yourself?

Who is responsible when art begets tragedy? Who should suffer, when suffering is in the nature of the music?

Who is ultimately to blame for suicide?

I couldn’t be more excited to find out what you all think of this story, so let me know once you’ve had a chance to read it! I’ll be sure to post reviews as they come in (hopefully it won’t be too long before they do!), and here’s to a successful launch of my second novel!

Tell me what you think!

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