The Difficulties (and Joys) of Socially Interacting as an Author

Most of us authors are pretty introverted, quiet types. We prefer to communicate through written word, and will rarely say anything to your face (though we might put you in a book and kill you if you piss us off). In fact, the very thought of interacting with our audience (or any audience, for that … Continue reading The Difficulties (and Joys) of Socially Interacting as an Author

A Return to Fantasy, and Free Books

Now that 22 Scars is alive and well, making its way through the readerverse and garnering reviews (however slowly), I thought it might be about time to start refocusing some attention on my alter-ego, Satis, and my ongoing fantasy work, The Redemption of Erâth. If you aren't aware, before I started working intently on 22 Scars (though after the idea … Continue reading A Return to Fantasy, and Free Books

Memories and Dreams

Originally posted on The Bipolar Writer on March 23, 2018.


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I dream a lot. In fact, I dream almost every time I sleep.

I also sleep a lot.

Sleeping used to be the way for me to escape the awfulness of being alive, back during the darkest days of my depression. As my illness mutated and changed and I found medications to keep me balanced, the sleep followed me. I sleep at night, without difficulty. I sleep when I’m not at work. I sleep during the day, often for hours at a time. I take naps, snooze, drift off … you get the picture.

And when I sleep, the dreams come. They aren’t bad dreams; nor are they particularly good. In fact, most of my dreams involve mundane, everyday things, like brushing my teeth or driving to work. I can even remember some of them, long after the initial grogginess of waking has left me.

I am also—sometimes—aware that I’m…

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